Publicize Achievements and Restore Confidence

In the face of high anxiety, people need a sense that the organization is successfully coping with something before they can tackle larger problems. Therefore any increments of problem solving must be publicized and the people who accomplished goals must be heralded. Reward contributions visibly and significantly. Publicize progress and breakthroughs frequently and enthusiastically, including rewarding risk-taking attempts that have not yet shown success. Visibly praise the kinds of behavior or achievements that are desired such as making decisions, initiating changes and thinking big.

Reinforce the message “You’re such a select and outstanding group (or individual) that we expect you to succeed.” Teach managers that employees typically perform at the levels expected of them.

It’s much easier to achieve and gain confidence when the focus of efforts is external. Therefore, make efforts to focus energy on beating the competition; as much as possible, make it a game.

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