Empowerment Sculpture
Empowerment Sculpture (Photo credit: yohanlincoln)

Empowerment means sharing power, increasing autonomy, throughout the organization. It means giving everyone – instead of just people with certain positions or certain job titles – the legitimate right to make judgments, form conclusions, reach decisions, and then act.

The process of empowerment is based on the recognitions that good ideas can come from anywhere, that achievement takes many forms and all of them deserve respect. Coping with change is the major impetus for listening to anyone, at any grade, who has something to offer.

In an empowerment organization, there’s a generalized assumption that everybody is competent, if not yet, then after they’ve had a chance to learn. People in these organizations have developed the belief that what they will accomplish is at least as important as their formal status or rank in the hierarchy in the organization. Empowering organizations always give different kinds of people opportunities to lead.

What have you done in your organization to seed empowerment?

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